Banana Pudding Pancakes


Banana Pudding is one of Southern Culture Artisan Foods most popular flavors of Pancake & Waffle Mix.  


Chunks of wafers are blended by hand in small batches with the organic flour and all natural flavors.



Fresh bananas are dried to ensure full flavor.


Each package of mix makes twelve large, fluffy pancakes or eight waffles.


Add these three ingredients to the mix to ensure an unparalleled breakfast experience.



Fresh, cage-free organic eggs.



All natural organic butter.



And fresh buttermilk.



Separate the egg white from the yolk. Whisk together egg white with buttermilk. 


Melt butter. Whisk together the egg yolks and the melted butter.



Combine both liquid mixtures.



Pour liquid mixtures over dry mix.



Stir all ingredients until blended.


Pre-heat griddle to medium-high heat and grease with butter.



Ladle mixture onto griddle and cook until edges are dry.



Flip and cook until golden.



Top with Southern Culture Artisan Foods Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup and powdered sugar if desired.


Loving our new space.

So we’ve been in our new building since May 1st and it’s really  starting to feel like home. We spent 1 full year in a shared kitchen, so having the ability to come into the office and get right to work is a luxury.  I thought it was important to have our logo and motto on the wall, after all it’s breakfast inspired and breakfast  re-invented. I placed a small island in the center of the floor so that we can test little pancakes and try out new breakfast recipes.



We have several work stations now. A station for blending batches, roasting pecans and baking cookies.


We also have a packaging station now, for filling all of the orders we are getting.



Overall business is great! We are working hard to create systems that will allow us to be more efficient, faster, and most importantly, the best breakfast brand on earth. I still don’t have a desk yet in my office, so I sit in the conference room. In due time or once I time, I will create a place for me to sit.


Bacon Rub

Southern Culture Artisan Foods is pleased to announce another great breakfast lifestyle product.  Bacon Rub. It’s a savory seasoning blend for the ultimate bacon and each batch is made by hand just like our other artisan products.

Our pancake flavors have revolutionized the breakfast aisle. The Breakfast in Bed Collection that features Banana Pudding and Strawberry Shortcake flavors even made The O List in The Oprah Magazine September 2013 issue.

The Oprah Magazine September 2013 O List

Our Savory Seasoning Blends for the Ultimate Bacon come in three flavors:

Original Candied Bacon Rub

Cajun Bacon Rub

Bourbon Pecan Praline Bacon Rub

Candied bacon is great on its own but it’s also a great addition to hors d’oeuvres, burgers and sandwiches.

Southern Culture BLTs

  • 1 lb. bacon
  • 1 can of Original Bacon Rub
  • 1 Tbs. Butter
  • 1 loaf of artisan bread, sliced
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 1 ripe tomato, sliced
  • 2 Tbs. Mayonnaise

Prepare 1 lb. of bacon according to Original Bacon Rub directions.  Melt butter on griddle and place sliced bread on griddle until lightly browned. Spread each slice with mayonnaise. Place several pieces of lettuce and one to two slices of tomato on each sandwich base bread. Top with three or four pieces of bacon. Slice in half and enjoy!

Serves 4.

Have you tried one of our bacon rub flavors? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook page.

We’re growing up: Phase 1 of our buildout

In April 2012, we placed our product on the market. We pushed the limits daily in a small shared kitchen. The space was tight and coordinating with other food companies to schedule production time was a pain, yikes. Now, my hubby and I decided, it’s time to grow up!



To many, it this seems like a grungy brick building, but to me and my team, it’s a big chunk of the American dream. Our 3,000 square foot facility, will house one of the most creative food environments known to food manufacturers. Why, because we are young, energetic, and have the ability to seriously disrupt the food industry with our bad ass ideas:)


We have already touched up the front with some paint and sealant for the parking lot.  I’ve commissioned a beautiful reclaimed wood planter box and etched metal sign with our logo.

Our planter box will be a 3 foot version of this. It will be a floating planter box that will go under the left window


Of course, we are painting the door orange, it is my favorite color and the company’s favorite color too!


We sealed the parking lot black and painted the door cover black as well

Orange door

My concept for the orange door



I’m thinking I will paint the garage door orange too. Can’t go wrong with orange

Our manufacturing area will be  outfitted with high volume auger mixers, date coders, sealers, maple syrup bottling unit, labelers , test kitchen, and big bulky shelves.

Right now, it’s empty, take a look

I think we need to finish ordering our equipment

I think we need to finish ordering our equipment

I think one of the most important parts of or building is the conference room. It’s where all of the magic happens! Ideas will be generated and history will be made whether it’s via a meeting or conference call. We decided to be as innovative as possible. We’re a food company that has big ideas like a technology company. All of our walls will be writable thanks to idea paint. I can’t wait til it arrives on Tuesday.

We are using idea paint on all of our walls for a virtual writable surgace

We are using idea paint on all of our walls for a virtual writable surface

This week will start the painting and order for furniture and equipment. Stay tuned for our progress, this will be fun. Well for me exhausting, but well worth it. It’s gonna be a hot summer!

Ready.Jet.GO!!! Welcome to Dubai!

Ready.Jet.GO!!! Welcome to Dubai!.

Ready.Jet.GO!!! Welcome to Dubai!


In exactly 18 days, Andre and I will board  our plane and head off to Dubai. I’m sure you are thinking Dubai, pancakes….. that’s right. We are heading off to Gulfood 2013 to exhibit  our pancake products along with our newbie Shortstacks Maple Syrup.

This trip did not come without great preparation. We first started our journey about 6 months ago with the help of the U.S Department of Agriculture and U.S Department of Commerce.  I once heard Barbara Corcoran say ” Expand before your ready.” Dubai has a huge tourism market which means, there are lots of people who enjoy pancakes and waffles during their travels. IHOP has been the first to take the step in the restaurant space to expand to the UAE and we will be one of the first to supply hoteliers and retailers with a premium product they can  enjoy and allow hotels to compete.

We are definately not IHOP, but we are a Artisan Breakfast company that believes creates the world’s best food with quality ingredients. Our main objective is to enter the food service space and allow hotels and restaurants to compete with a great tasting pancake and waffle product as well.

Southern Culture 3m x 3m r2 (5)

We started crafting how our booth would look months ago. We wanted our booth to stand out as unique, but also send the message that we provide an outstanding product. Above is a sneak peek of what it will look like! Andre and I have to put it together when we get there.

Some people will say that we are nuts to expand so fast, but 95% percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the U.S. We live in a global economy and will always compete on a global scale.

Over the next 18 days I will consume myself with finalizing freight forwarders, finishing company profiles and marketing documents as well as craft a detailed, OCD packing list. I am looking forward to our 14 hour flight and long days of business. We will take lots of pictures and document the entire trip.

See you in Dubai.





Our First Charity Event

TJ8C71992 weeks ago, I had one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was simply giving back to the patients at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  Out of all of the demos I have done at stores, and people I have served breakfast to, this was the most rewarding. The kids absolutely loved it. the event was a huge production put on by Trueheart Events. It was held at the Avalon in Hollywood. There were huge sleigh’s, a snow machine, Santa,  and tons of activities for the kids.

We created a never seen before pancake combination. The S’more pancake. We took our Vanilla Mix, added chocolate chips, marshmallows , whip cream, maple syrup, and graham crackers. It was the most popular by far. We also served Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Pudding, just to keep it Southern.


It was kind of cool to serve our pancakes alongside celebrities that attended the event and gave back to the life-changing hospital and it’s patients.  They also tried our mixes and got to take some home as well.  Here’s a few pictures:

TJ8C7244 - Copy

Biggest Loser Host Alison Sweeney and her family enjoyed the pancake bar and took our Breakfast in Bed Collection home.

Brad Garrett did a great job of keeping the kids entertained and he also took home our Holiday Breakfast  Collection.

Brad Garrett


Cupcake Wars host Justin Willman tasted our first Pancake of the day as we ran a few test batches. He approved.


As you can see, the kids had a great time and our pancake bar was a success. I truly look forward to giving back to many organizations this year and ensuring that our company gives back just as much as our customers give to us.